About Us

Founder and the Chairman of our company, Ziya Aydın entered the mining industry in 1963. Ziya Aydın gathered his broad experience, principles and work ethic, which gives top priority to client satisfaction, under one roof and established Ciftay in 1987, since that day he conducted operations in mining industry.

Ciftay continues to conduct its operations with the awareness of its responsibility in the development process of Turkey. Our company, which is one of the leading and well-established companies in the sector for more than a quarter-century, continues to expand its fields of activity by including industry segments such as construction, energy, and tourism together with its mining activities.

Ciftay, with its well-equipped technical staff, modern working places and a modern machine park which is expanded day by day, is taking firm steps towards becoming the flagship company in the fields of its activities. Ciftay has demonstrated its success with its quality certificates. Ciftay is a leading company in the mining industry with its ongoing mining projects. By adapting itself to cutting-edge technologies and contributing to the economy of our country by providing employment opportunities within its domestic and internal projects, Ciftay is one of the model companies in this context. Ciftay is in the list of the most tax-paying companies in Ankara, with its hundred percent domestic capital, industry experience over a quarter-century and over 2000+ employees.

Our Certificates

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