Integrated Manegement System Policy
(Quality & HSE)

✔Raising the awareness of our employees and our partners with whom we are collaborating on quality, environmental awareness, occupational health and safety issues,

✔Integrating of integrated management system to all of our business processes and establishing mechanisms for monitoring and controlling it.

✔Paying attention to the feedbacks and participation of our employees,

✔Ensuring that conducting hazard analysis, risk assessment and risk control activity before starting any work is prior condition and in case of detection of any hazard, starting to work only after its elimination is mandatory.

✔Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions to prevent occupational accidents and all kinds of health deterioration that may arise due to workplace conditions.

✔Encouraging health and safety culture,

✔ Making production and serving with an environment-friendly approach and preventing environmental pollution at all stages of the life cycle,

✔Forming purposes, policies and providing necessary resources for the implementation of this system in order to ensure that Integrated management system achieves its goals,

✔Producing above our expectations and commitments by keeping up the latest technology trends

✔ Complying with all legal and other conditions within the scope of our activities,

✔Promoting all of our staff and executives who contribute to the integrated management system and explaining the importance of the effectiveness and suitability of this system,

✔ We guarantee continuous improvement in order to increase our integrated management systems’ performance.


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