Human Resources Policy

The recruitment process

The recruitment process starts with determining the needs of the human resource department following the workforce planning.

Ciftay follows attentive recruitment procedure intending to place its employees to the right positions in the team who will adapt to the corporate culture. Ciftay progresses, with its vision that is not hesitating to invest in human being, which is the most important resource, and not hesitating to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees by keeping the work safety among its first priorities in line with the best mining practices; Ciftay makes a great contribution to local and general employment.

Why us?

Ciftay’s the most important resource is investing in human and keeping work safety among the top priorities. In line with the best mining practices, it is advancing with its vision that does not hesitate to provide a safe and healthy work environment to every employee and contributes to regional and general employment.